• Aug 26, 2020

Just like that give. Not because kid not thoroughbred or aggressive, or harmful. His owners not monsters, not tyrants, not fleecers. The beagle well eats, sleeps on a clean warm zoo-bed, is well-groomed, we love. Full and happy, but also such guy is given. The current work of the owner of the pet assumes such schedule which is hardly similar to standard family life.


Хозяин could not reconcile to a shift method of work which to it was offered. But also to refuse work at all — too not an exit. Here it was also necessary to look for compromises between safe life and care of the pet. To combine it at first was the quite good idea. The pet was looked after by friends, acquaintances, relatives and the owner's neighbors. It seems, everything took its course. But at some point eyes of a beagle as if broke into tears, the heavy look depressed, thoughtful. That passion, a fuse and joy of life was gone.

Thoughts came by itself unconscious and is bitter: the pet needs attention, and time the owner cannot provide it, so the beagle needs other owner. And kind of it was sad to be realized, but an act this actually courageous and courageous because its purpose — care of the pet, his safe full-fledged happy life in the long term. Therefore that lonely beagle of the Kemerovo region looks for the new house.


Это the adult conscious guy who needs active lifestyle, the constant movement, sport, the nature, communication. The robust fellow with excellent health is castrated and imparted. Knows the house and life, it is accustomed to walking, is familiar with teams, brought up and conscious. Do not take offense at it, future owners if does not fall in love with you so quickly and then, kind of you wanted it. So far it at the crossroads. The pet will surely fall in love with you a bit later, but all heart!

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