• May 18, 2020

Probably, each family wants the nest. Clean, accurate, spacious, cozy that each family member had the corner, but together with it that all family amicable cheerful structure together met breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Behind this light dream one Russian family also went. Children had an opportunity to improve living conditions, and one and all family members agreed to pass a difficult way of moving and repair to find a treasured nest. But the pet living in family several years was not in the plans.


Пятилетний the tiny kid remained with an entrance. He watched leave the owners leaving it, hoping that they after all will change the mind and will take it with itself(himself). The inflexibility, indifference, indifference and composure left the kid on the street. He lived at an entrance of the former dwelling several months. And here the most terrible began: those neighbors who lovely smiled earlier to a dog and his attendant from now on after moving began to hate every morning the kid who with despair already did not know where to put itself.

Literally threw at it stones, banished, infinitely shouted at it, threw into a dog lumps, garbage, sticks, fittings — everything that came to hand to frighten a dog to a shiver, or perhaps at all to kill him. And the dog transferred each this blow with firmness: it had a purpose. It cannot leave just like that this yard, and suddenly owners will think again?! Where will they find the kid, except as this town? But all hopes were vain.


Брошенный a dog now in a shelter. Tender gentle and incredibly contact kid will show nobody the offense, will never tell anybody how to him it was sick and madly lonely. He keeps all offenses in himself and does not want to upset anybody. The kid very much tries to forget the painful past and with a smile to look forward which has to develop for it happily. Let's wish it good luck and the fastest acquisition of the new house and family!

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