• Jan 26, 2021

of the Cargo – a charming dog. Though it has also no pure signs of breed, and only the metis, nevertheless it does not do it angrier or more aggressive. On the contrary, the good-natured and friendly, but now slightly frightened dog can easily become the member of any family. However, it already had one attempt.

From where the beautiful metis of a pit bull terrier with a warm solar color appeared, we do not know. But it is known that the Cargo sheltered. The young couple was not confused at first by a dog half-blooded, but subsequently everything was extremely changed. The opinion of the environment of family always criticizing a dog forced to make a cruel act or personal beliefs of people, but the Cargo was sent to an electronic counter of the known website on purchase and sale.


Выставляли the pet not in a gift, but for nothing somehow to draw attention and though to have some kopek for the efforts and courtings for a dog. But the vigilant team of volunteers did not allow to get rid of the Cargo in unreliable hands. Carefully monitored the announcement and when it suddenly disappeared, suspected wrong. And it is valid, after unsuccessful attempt to sell a dog, the Cargo was thrown out on the street without shadow of regrets.

At the pet who experienced treachery as if the soil was beaten out from under legs. He was tired, exhausted and very sad. Lay on cold asphalt and did not know at all what now to do to it, where to go and where to look for the help. All pain was seen in his look.


О attempts to sell the Cargo knew 100 vw therefore they moved off in its searches quickly and also quickly found the pet. He long worried, was restored, but nevertheless forgave the offenders and is ready to begin the history anew, but be already near responsible and kind people. The cargo looks for the house.

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