• Dec 15, 2020

Once this metis of a Shar-Pei was largely lucky. It was bargained to the owners almost away because had no blue blood. Sounds cynically, but at that time other options, except as street and hungry wanderings, was not. It was endured, slyubitsya, as they say. At the pet the whole family which part he was many years was formed. It, hostess and her son.

It was necessary to the woman hardly. The son since the childhood had a disability. He could not serve himself, was organic in the actions and communication with other children. Somehow to brighten up his childhood, mother decided to bring the pet. Any child is glad to a dog. Children with great pleasure spend with animals much time. Develops such communication and the child, socializes, and imparts discipline and responsibility, and helps to find the true loyal best friend.


Планы women were carried out by figcaption id="caption-attachment-29944". The pet and her son worshipped in each other. Their family life became much brighter with command of a dog. But who knew that it was only an advance payment … The woman cared for all around, but only not for herself. About health learned about a serious problem too late when already to make something it was impracticable. The hostess did not become, having provided the son and the pet to itself. The guy could not care for a dog, he requires leaving and attention. Therefore people close to family began to help all, than could.


Подруга hostesses visits guys of times a week. Prepares for the future, removes. But it a little both for the disabled guy, and for a young active dog is insignificant. Therefore the metis of a Shar-Pei looks for the house. Because of load of a shelter it could not move to the open-air cage. There is everything in the same place, in native, but such become empty house. It is a little socialized. All its communication came down to communication only with boys. How to get on with dogs, he does not know. But perfectly understands the person, and it means that he in the future will can do everything! The guy with hard destiny looks for the house!

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