• Sep 20, 2019

Thanks to information of volunteers of group of the help to dachshunds (Belarus) owners found darling a poteryashka.

Still slightly, also there would be a disaster …

A dog of breed the dachshund got to "usypalka" of the Belarusian city of Mogilev. Not indifferent contacted volunteers of group of the help to dachshunds with a request to help a doggie.

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of the Photo: instagram.com/taksa_help_rb/

Времени only remained from Friday to one or two Mondays day …

And volunteers began to act. Posted information on a dog in social networks, actively "posted", looked for overexposure.

The dog was known only that it is a dog of a dachshund of solid age.

I … There were people in Minsk who were ready to shelter the old man until there would be for it kind handles. Volunteers resolved an issue with delivery of a doggie. And were already going to leave behind it as suddenly there were owners.

It turned out that the old man was lost … Told: the pet is 13 years old, with him the child walked on the street and did not see …

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of the Photo: instagram.com/taksa_help_rb/

Волонтеры breathed a sigh of relief: a story with the old man ended safely. It is possible to pay attention and forces to other wards. And they, young and old, sick and healthy dachshunds on care of group are enough!

It is possible to learn about history of each of doggies on pages of group of the help to dachshunds (Belarus) on social networks, having contacted volunteers.

And to the old man we wish a taksik good luck not to be lost any more. And that such happy end can more and not to be.

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