• Feb 3, 2021

All happened to this little baby, occurred in the face of her own hostess. The tiny pet was run over by the car and quickly fled the crime scene. To a dog both paws on which the girl could not move any more moved.

Her hostess had no time for panic. The elderly woman immediately regained control over situation, seized the pet and carried him to the next clinic. The hostess with tears in the eyes and great hope for the help rushed to doctors, but those shrugged shoulders, complained that it is senseless to help this girl, it is better to lull her. But the hostess did not give in to weakness and decided to fight for the fate of the best friend having a tail, addressed volunteers.
about the help unconditionally responded To its entreaties. And how to refuse to the woman at whom already in life everything developed not in the best way. There lives an old woman modestly, sometimes even half-starving.


Женщина is lonely, to relatives is not present it do not care about it, to help there is nobody. Its only wealth – twelve pets whom it sheltered in different years of life. At each of them the history and the way, but unites all of them one – they do more cheerful every day each other.

The zoo-community which paid attention to a situation helped not only to the crippled pet, but also her hostess. For the funds raised indifferent to a dog performed operation on removal of already invalid back pads, and the grandmother bought the mobile phone and the refrigerator because she lost the previous phone long ago, it had no communication from the word "absolutely". And the refrigerator did not perform the functions any more. From such generosity the grandmother hardly held back tears, and we are proud that there are such warm-hearted people. the girl as if began with
After operation and rehabilitation new life. to the pet even the new nickname was appropriated – Tosya. With the hostess she was really lucky.


Хоть she also lived a part of the life with it in friendship, love, care, let sometimes and in poverty, nevertheless Tosya remained a disabled person. Now it needs a few other conditions of keeping. It will be difficult to girl to hobble and drag the small little body on the ground all the year round, before treatment of Tosya lived on the street. Together with the hostess Tosi the decision to take a dog on temporary overexposure and to look for it the new house in the apartment was made and being the only dog in family. And the miracle occurred, Tosya found the house!

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