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In the small town welcomed the new employee of local police recently — Jasper's pit bull terrier.

Bezdomny Jasper was found after he was hit by the car. When the pit bull terrier was accepted in a shelter, it became clear that though it both the cleverest and devoted dog, it will be difficult for it to find the owner. Jasper needed someone who could cope with his irrepressible energy, someone, who would have enough time and patience for that to train him and to bring up.

photo: Prince William County Animal Shelter/facebook

Two times he left a shelter in hope that goes to the new house. But every time it was returned back, without having coped with a dog.

In several months of attempts to find family in one shelter, Jasper was transferred to other shelter. But after Jasper bit one of workers, the future of this dog became even more uncertain.

Workers of a shelter worried for it and could not think up how to help Jasper. But they were not going to give up:

"Just it is such remarkable, cleverest dog. But in shelters, in general, there is only one working formula – to try to look lovely and to hope that you will be taken home".

Having a little thought, the head of a shelter called the organization for training of police dogs and invited them to look narrowly at Jasper. Having carried out two tests which Jasper successfully passed, he was decided to be taken away in the program of training of dogs for detection of drugs.

Photo: k9.jasper/instagram

In the same time in police station of the small town found out that without dog in fight against drugs to them anywhere. The problem remained unresolved, and all know that dogs are the most irreplaceable workers in this sphere.

Fortunately a pit bull terrier, the police station submitted the application for receiving a dog from the organization to which Jasper just got. And it worked! The organization offered to the aid Jasper who was already trained on search of drugs by then!

Photo: k9.jasper/instagram

So Jasper who was hit by the car returned in a shelter twice, transported and did not know how to help it, found the calling and came on service to police station. The deputy chief of the site and Jasper now the best friends, and happier termination of this story could not be thought up!

"At me never was a pit bull terrier. But I would not exchange Jasper for anybody another. I look on him in eyes and I see so much love. We very much became attached each other, he everywhere for me goes".

As the site of the small town does not have enough funds for keeping of a dog, the police owner of Jasper pays for it independently. But citizens are glad to appearance of the new worker and already express the gratitude to it with charitable donations.

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