• Dec 30, 2020

As sometimes is heavy a fate of large thoroughbred dogs. They, what a difference are the victims of stereotypes and the settled judgments. If earlier the combative breed was perceived as the security guard, the defender, and at times and means of a profit in quality participants in dog fights, then now, to great happiness, the attitude towards pets changes.

Pit bull terriers are especially demanded in this dirty deed. They are trained literally on basic instinct — fear. Fear to make something not so, fear to die. This feeling is capable to cause a strong storm of adrenaline, to pull up trees. On it manufacturers also play. Organize fights and with a hope observe how animal, that not though, funs for the sake of in the face of all kill each other.


Скорее everything, this pit bull terrier got involved in such unpleasant incident. Judging by its numerous deep, festered wounds, it got under oppression of the relatives more than once. One paw was strongly injured.

The lower fabric which is bending around a jaw was broken off on small parts, skin rags literally hanged down. The surface was in pus, dirt, and in some parts the necrosis was already formed, maggots appeared. It was similar to silent slow death, but Camelot by miracle managed to survive.


Время and careful people treat nearby. You only look how now Camelot looks! To him took away all become lifeless infected skin. Cleaned and sewed up wounds, restored a paw, fattened and zalaskat. These works revealed Camelot only from the best side. He was surprisingly very sensitive, ordinary and quick-witted guy. Let he will be lucky and with new parents! Camelot looks for the house!

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