• Jan 6, 2021

This kid – an improbable rarity among a chain of numerous sad stories destinies of pets. And on all this several reasons. First, the puppy is incredibly good! You only look at him! He is doll, toy, ideal. Polished, fluffy, naive, slightly clumsy pet looks in the heart, itself I do not understand what charm he has.

Secondly while everything goes to its stories in general harmoniously and very symbolically. The puppy possesses an improbable fur coat whiteness. It is perfectly clean outside and inside, yet does not know treacheries. It as the blank sheet, is ready to begin the history. The child without the past, more precisely, most likely, was a fruit of accidental communication of one thoroughbred parent, and another – the same good pet, but without blue blood. But this fact does not belittle its beauty and even grace!


Молод, is active, inquisitive. The kid has not enough skills so far studied, but potential is. Grabs not to summer the fact that want from it, and tries not to disappoint in any time, having kept mischief of a look and at the same time to be obedient and compliant. The real find and a big rarity – to meet such kid and to become him the parent. Such robust fellow in a shelter long will not be late, we advise to hurry!

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