• Nov 11, 2020

the Old woman by the name of Ustina managed to endure a lot of things. The golden spaniel was born beautiful and healthy. On the thoroughbred girl, a gold-haired ringlet of improbable beauty turns literally were built. The manufacturer rejoiced, so quickly and favourably it is possible to sell a puppy seldom. His joy was also justified in the future.

Ustina matured in worthy successful family. Her childhood and youth passed happily, warmly, is full, in love. But this love ended exactly when the dog demanded special efforts. It is pleasant and easy for all to have the pet when he does not demand either forces, or patience, or special cares and especially special monetary expenditure. Such dog thing turns out, only blow off motes.


Но not everything so ideally and simply. Pets are the same beings, complex biological systems. It can be changed, glitched and be ill. Then, when Ustina felt unwell, the awe and enthusiasm of the hostess somewhere suddenly disappeared.

Found a tumor in Ustina. The hostess was aware of the oncology demanding urgent medical examination, but did not attach it significance. Perhaps, itself will pass. Meanwhile the tumor grew. The hostess nevertheless brought Ustina to a clinic. But nobody expected that it will be their last meeting.

When there were complications, the tumor began to bleed very strongly that demanded immediate actions and operation, the hostess ceased to contact. There is a wish to believe that to her it was terrible for the outcome and she was given, despaired and got used in advance to the fact that the dog can not survive … Or perhaps the woman expected monetary expenditure for difficult operation — the nobility for certain we cannot, but Ustina remained an orphan. And even after operation at the expense of zoo-activists, the woman did not want to take away a dog because the taxi with her delivery was too expensive for it …


Устине after all performed operation. Everything passed successfully, its state in general was stable. And after rehabilitation of a spaniel sent for constant overexposure with the obligation to provide it food and medical examination. Any more not the orphan and the house she does not look for Ustin. At last the girl is free from the disease and insincere people nearby. Now she is completely happy, healthy also in safety. Rare and therefore such joyful history! Happy journey, Ustina!

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