• Sep 16, 2020

the Century of consumption dictates the rules. About what the speech? We live during an era of automation, globalization, informatization. These compound words speak about simple: all processes accelerate, change, and old quickly lose the relevance. It belongs to everything. To education, science, the equipment, career, production and even life. To take, for example, your gadget. Something became outdated, broke, wore out – in rare instances we will trouble ourselves expensive repair. It is simpler to replace phone with new.

Everything to update such aspiration, to change and improve imprinted on all spheres of life. People very often lose the value of what have. And what a pity that in one row with gadgets, pets got up clothes and the equipment also.

Here, for example, Laima. This Labrador, if I may say so, took from the life. The girl is ten years old, for a dog it is considerable figure. She is, one may say, almost aged dog. Both Laima, and its owners understood it. They decided to get rid of a dog in view of the termination of her "expiration date", and in exchange to buy a young brisk naughty puppy.


Лайму brought 100 vw on lulling to slip. But its loss of dexterity, vigilance, speed, skill, loss of interest in a game and addictions to a long dream and a regular life did not become a sentence for employees of a shelter. The mature dog is decided to be left by all means. Now she one, though all the life was betrayed to favourite people. Incredibly tender, well-mannered, quiet, adapted to house life, contact with people, children and other animals little girl is ready to share the last with those who to it are kind. Sensitive heart, respond!


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