• Jan 6, 2021

About the true fraudulent refinement employees of shelters have heard a lot long ago. The new way to deceive the public for the sake of own profit was simple in the most ruthless black way. Beggars gather in places of a congestion of people. At the subway, for example, take seat, find the homeless pet or even use own.

Deceivers draw tables on which specify approximately following: "We submit the initiative command of the help to homeless animals, we collect donations for them". The people who are not knowing who actually faces them generously present imaginary saviors. The ring of coins sometimes just does not cease. But if the dog badly "raises" money, with interest get rid of her in the unknown way. The cruel conveyor is ruthless to all: today vybivala dirty hands are publicly stroked shivering from cold and hunger of a puppy, looking to you directly in soul and in a pocket, and tomorrow one tail replaces another, but dirty grabby same hands.

Any team respecting itself never worked and will not act with such methods. It is the whole harmonious system which will not beg. Moreover, one of their representatives did not allow to lower reputation of such teams in dirt. The courageous girl, having realized the scheme of beggars, literally beat off a sheep-dog who was used as a profit. Risking the health, listening to ton of insults and threats, the gallant woman took away a dog.


Престарелый the guy of breed a sheep-dog in the real shock. It is very difficult for it to transfer such adventures. A warm corner and a bowl of warm nourishing porridge – everything that it could wish in the twilight of the life. Let's bring to the old man. By the way, if you are ready to support him, to help with the device or the temporary house, attention (the dog eventually needs to think up a name!) – we wait for any your manifestation!

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