• May 29, 2020

On the baby of a terrier by the name of Jersey repeatedly raised the voice, raised a hand. From it the dog is frightened, is afraid of excess sharp sounds and movements, nestles on the earth at the sight of unfamiliar. And small black eyes buttons do not give radiant light, only fear, hopelessness and eternal search of a warm word and a gentle hand for a long time.


К to a word, the girl still conceals hope for bright future. Seeks not to lose sight of those who to it show the minimum attention and will not miss an opportunity to go for contact.


Она so wants though somebody to be pleasant that it is in the eternal mode "make everything as it is necessary, differently to nesdobrovat". But Jersey nothing does not need to be proved now. And everything that she will make, will be "as it is necessary" because this girl already strange, did not deserve all those offenses which to it were caused by the previous owners. The baby looks for the house.

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