• Apr 16, 2020

of Masya – the baby of breed of a chihuahua. To the baby only four years, but the young dog was brought to extremely serious mental condition. Мася shows extreme aggression to all who contact to it. With good or bad intentions – there is no difference for this baby. She perceives each person surrounding it as threat of her life and to health. What caused such reaction, it is necessary only to guess. Ill treatment or full ignoring of a dog – several versions of the event.


Оказалось, sent a lump obviously to die. Масю brought to a shelter with a mark "on lulling to slip". Probably, still being in family, the dog began to show aggression. Without having understood what it is connected with whether on fault of her parents, the dog was doomed to certain death. But nobody intended to give up so quickly and just, except the former owners of a chihuahua.

From them it became known that the dog began to behave sharply aggressively including with small children who lived in the house. And, as it appeared, children occupy not the last role in this story. They intentionally teased an animal, provoked it, incorrectly treated it, raised the voice, and sometimes raised a hand. It is worth guessing from whom juvenile children followed such example of behavior.


Естественно, in such conditions of vulnerability and cruelty the dog was forced to protect herself. The best way the nature – sharp teeth with small, but very quick jaw invented, small and bright pads with claws – the only thing that helped to survive Mas in family. The vicious circle turned out: mock at an animal, the animal protects itself, showing aggression, from this aggression there is no rescue and people decide that the dog itself is guilty of the event, direct it to lulling to slip.

But in this chain of events nobody considered that only from life dog the dog is biting. The known phrase explains everything to all. Fortunately, Masya now in reliable hands of not indifferent volunteers. In addition it has a suspicion of a serious disease – dysfunction of kidneys owing to inflammation. Careful survey and treatment and also complex socialization and occupations with professionals is required. We wish to the baby health and tranquility, the most terrible already behind …

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