• Jan 16, 2020

compassionate people occur Among politicians too!

The New York politician Frantsisko Moyá went on May 18, 2018 across Lond Island — and suddenly its attention was drawn by some animal. The small animal sat directly on the busy highway, on one of dividing concrete blocks.

the 44-year-old man decided to stop to look at an animal and to help him in case of need. The member of democratic party turned on the emergency signal and went out of the car.

It turned out that on the concrete block the striped cat sits. The pet looked extremely confused, however was not frightened of the stranger and did not begin to hide.

, the cat, the pet, a pet, a homeless animal, is required the help Frantsisko's

took a cat on hands and carried in the car, having put it on a seat near driver's. Then the politician stopped by at grocery store and bought a koteyka a little food. The pet attacked on an entertainment so as if he did not eat several days before!

In two hours the man found a suitable shelter for a cat. It was the center under the name Animal Care and Control Center around Rego-park.

When the politician gave an interview to journalists, he advised motorists not to stop the car in the middle of the road as it was made by him as it can become the road accident reason. But the man just had no other exit, he wanted to help a cat!

As the highway on which there was a pet, four-band he could hardly escape independently. He was largely lucky that Frantsisko decided to help!

Also the politician remembered that he already saw a cat in the morning — he sat in the same place. When Frantsisko met a cat again, it just could not pass by. By the way, the man adores cats!

At first the pet was held down and constraining, but after a while in a shelter he began to feel much better!

, the cat, the pet, a pet, is required the help

chipirovat Murlyka, sterilized and quickly enough found to him new family!

Now saved a koteyka lives in Brooklyn and it is completely happy with the life.

And Frantsisko urges all people not to deny the assistance to dumb animals. Thank him for unindifference and love to animals!


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