• Jan 15, 2020

Recently on the Internet there was video where pigs push together a huge big fish in water. The author of video with affection writes about how such manifestation of kindness and altruism from our smaller brothers is surprising.

However is a striking example of manifestation of hominifying of animals, attributings of our, human ideas of the good and evil by it — anthropomorphism. Actually, in fauna it is simpler and simpler: what is good for preservation and maintenance of life of certain individuals and a look in general, and kindly. What prevents survival (for example, hunger) – that badly.
Therefore on video of a mumps do not try to save a big fish – in terms of survival it is not favorable at all, they will be left with nothing.

If to look narrowly attentively, is well visible that they try … to eat a big fish. Cannot just grasp her teeth, as a result push, and she slides from the coast in water more and more, it does not appear in native elements yet. As the big fish was lucky – as pigs were not lucky: they remained hungry …
we Will remind
that, contrary to ordinary opinion, pigs are not vegetarians. They, as well as people are beings omnivorous, that is at all not against to regale on meat or fish.

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