• Sep 17, 2019

the Photographer from Germany Tanya Brandt (Tanja Brandt)

it is difficult for img src=" /upload/temp-content/uploads/posts/2018-04/1523021161_tanja_brandt.jpg to present alt=" to Tanja Brandt that the owl and a dog can become the best friends, but delightful photos of Tanya Brandt, professional photographer of animals and the artist of a collage in Germany, prove the return. Ingo – a kind of the Belgian sheep-dog (malinu). Dogs of this breed are used, as a rule, in police. And Napoleon is a one-year-old owlet whom the photographer calls Poldi.

 the Owl of a photo the Sheep-dog Ingo and the owlet Poldi look quite komfotno, having nestled closely to each other during photographings or bathing in gold evening light

 Malinua of a photo Though photos with Ingo and Poldi, of course, are delightful and unique, but Ingo and Poldi not the only unusual friends, on the website of the photographer there are still other photos of unusual friendship among animals!

Tanya Brandt in Instagram: @tanja_brandt

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