• Jan 15, 2020

Greet from Roca, very big dog.

Fates – a mastiff, and it by the size is even more, than a pony. Fates found absolutely alone on the street in the small town in the southern England and now to it look for the house.

photo: metro.co.uk

Employees of the center for animals could find last owners of Roca, but those said that they cannot look after him any more.

In principle, the problem with care of a giant is commensurable with his sizes! Eats fates in day about a kilograms of food and adores running so the house is necessary to it surely with the large garden. (Though it is all the same unclear why to throw out a dog on the street.)

photo: metro.co.uk

When Roca found, he was exhausted and covered with decubituses. Now he weighs 70 kg healthy and happy.

The head of the center for animals says that Roca it was necessary hardly and that he lived on the street all the life.

"He very much likes to walk and approach

shelters to greet a pony. I think, he feels that he joins better their group because it the identical size with our Scottish ponies and even a little above them".

The center hopes that they will manage to find Roca the house where people already had an experience with breeds, big by the size. Future owners of Roca should work and devote much time him to training and care of it.

photo: metro.co.uk

"Fates – the giant with the big loving heart. He very much to like to play with the toys and adores falling asleep embracing a toy bear cub on the special orthopedic mattress".

"He also likes to play with soccerballs. In spite of the fact that to him already 7 when it to us arrived, he, apparently, again became a puppy".

photo: metro.co.uk

"It unambiguously needs time to learn to behave in the house and to drive the car".

However, patience – the key to success.

Good luck to you, Roca!

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