• Jan 16, 2020

the Family from Colorado began to notice some inexplicable phenomena at home. Every day they filled a water barrel on the backyard and when woke up the next morning, it was empty. Where water disappears?

To answer this question, they decided to mount the camera on the backyard. What they saw struck them!)

 water, a barrel, stones, the wood, the nature
Some time occurred nothing. But then there was it … Why does the animal wander on the backyard?
 a bear, a bear, a wild animal, a predator
Even if to assume that the bear just drinks, it will not explain where all barrel of water disappears.
 a bear, a bear, a wild animal, the wood, water, stones
Yes, clumsy drank really a little. But on it it did not stop!

it Turned out img src=" /upload/temp-content/uploads/posts/2018-05/1526985597_126.jpg that he bathes in a flank!)
 a bear, a bear cub, water, stones, the wood, a wild animal, a predator
Every morning the bear adopts bathing procedures, and it spends almost all water, simply splashing out it outside!
 a bear, a bear cub, a predator, a wild animal, the wood, stones Hozyaev's
did not take offense at clumsy, it such nice and lovely at all!)
 a bear, a bear cub, stones, a predator, a wild animal

Here in such a way owners solved the improbable mystery of a barrel on the backyard …

And you would guess?

 bear cub, predator, stones, water
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