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The show business offers experienced consumers various options of accommodation of reality today.

You want — survive in the post-apocalyptic world, walk on nonexistent planets or come back to the bloody Middle Ages and try to restore order and justice.

If to look at the most popular game franchizes of the last years, in any game there is a pet who serves faithful to the owner.

games, computer games, Witcher Gerald and his Small fry

Witcher Gerald and his Small fry

Plotvami the legendary witcher in the game of the same name called all the horses , but treated everyone with special awe. Often during the long wanderings the Small fry was the only satellite and the interlocutor who could tell all anguish. It was also always ready to carry heavy saddle bags, the found swords, ingredients for potions, mutagens, magic objects and other vedmach of a feature.

In addition "Blood and Wine" in the third part creators of a game even thought up for a horse a separate mission during which the Small fry councils helps Gerald to execute the order for murder of a monster. However, to understand language of animals , the witcher had to drink hallucinogenic broth, but that's another story.

Captain Shepard and His Small Fishes, Games, Computer Games

Captain Shepard and his small fishes

After long space battles Shepard always came back to himself to a captain's cabin, approached an aquarium in all wall and fed small fishes. For it it was not just the ritual, and a part of a mission, without having executed which, it was possible to lose all collection.

If the aquarian from you not really good, you can poflirtovat with the secretary Kelly Chambers, and she with pleasure will look after your pets while you hunt for rare fish scalp, a belansky jellyfish or the harshansky clicking eel. If with flirtation the situation is not really well, then get a space hamster who, unlike small fishes, does not need to be fed.

games, computer games, survivor and his dog

Survivor and his Dog

The German shepherd of Joel and Michele Berdzhess, the staff of developer studio became a prototype of a computer dog with the dissonant nickname Dog in the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout 4. The boundless devotion, excellent search skills and cheerful nature brought to the Dog a victory in a "best dog of video games" nomination on World Dog Awards.

of a game, computer, hunter Takkar

Hunter Takkar and his tame owl

The tame owl of the main hero of the game Far Cry Primal Takkar was not only the excellent intelligence agent, but also his totemic animal. The relations with other animals in the prehistoric Universe of Far Cry Primal at the hunter developed differently. Some animals, for example, of a saber-toothed tiger, a white wolf or a bear can be tamed and used for movement and during the attacks, others forever remained sworn enemies. However to feel literally in a skin of the primitive person where each animal represents huge danger if not to learn to handle him, at you precisely it will turn out.

The person can care for the one whom he tamed therefore creators of games will include pets in a virtual gameplay for a long time.

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