• Jan 23, 2020

Pets play a key role in reduction of risk of development of mental disorders. According to a research of the MNT company of 60% of owners of pets which diagnosed a serious mental illness, as were recognized that their pets were the most important factor operating their internal state.

In addition patients from among owners of pets more than all others, could control themselves. They felt in bigger safety and were less subject to a routine.

In confirmation of this research many public organizations which are engaged in rehabilitation of people with mental disorders began to use pets as a peculiar antidepressant. Also representatives of social services in the USA, in many respects leaning on personal examples, recommend to get a dog to get rid of a depression.

So, the Huffington Post edition Catherine Oda published a personal story of the social worker – the dog helped it to be restored after a depression. The positive result was achieved not only thanks to pleasant emotions from communication with a dog, but also because the dog needed to be walked constantly. Catherine regularly went outside, walked and, respectively, received new impressions and contacted to other people. And it helped it to get rid of the main satellite of a depression – loneliness

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