• Jan 21, 2020

to Be a photographer-animal painter is not just to travel around the countries and to photograph birdies or cats. It first of all – infinite dialogue with the nature. It is necessary for its message relying on equality, honestly, without any hidden meanings. Not everyone can do it and not everyone can devote it life.

the Striking example of the photographer-animal painter speaking language with the nature is Frans Lanting. This Dutch master gained world recognition thanks to the sincere, realistic projects. Frans began to remove in the 70th years of the 20th century when he studied in Erasmus University Rotterdam. Its first works became simply imprinted different time of the year in the local park. The beginning photographer in addition was fond also of a haiku — the Japanese poetry and also the exact sciences. The Lanting the magic realism as in art as well in literature inspired.
the Basic principle in the Japanese haiku is that words can be identical, but they never repeat. Also and with the nature: the same spring does not happen twice. And it means that each concrete moment occurring in certain time is important. This essence was also caught by Frans Lanting.
He was one of the first photographers who went to Madagascar in the 80th years of the 20th century. The country at last could be open after long isolation from the West. On Madagascar Lanting created the A World Out of Time project: Madagascar "The world out of time: Madagascar". Stunning views of this island entered it, rare species of animals are imprinted. It were photos which were done earlier by nobody. The project was prepared for National Geographic.
Numerous exhibitions and projects, the unsurpassed, skillfully imprinted photos of wild animals – all this Frans Lanting. He is the professional of the business who gained world recognition. For example, the Lantinga exhibition — "Dialogues with Nature" ("Dialogues with the nature"), shows depth of works of the photographer, his titanic work on 7 continents. And this dialogue of the photographer with the nature continues still.

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