• Aug 13, 2019

As a rule, nobody walks the street, specially trying to discover puppies or kittens for "adoption". Usually animal select, having given in to a second rush: it was so a pity that just could not pass by. And then confusion comes: what to do with this being, dirty, hungry and frightened?

 Homeless cat of a photo

On a photo: homeless cat. Photo: maxpixel.net

So, what to do if you picked up an animal on the street? 5 important steps which should be undertaken Are b>.

Step 1: go to the veterinarian

Yes, first of all, still before you bring this unfortunate being home, it is worth visiting in a vetklinik. It is especially important if you have children or other pets, you bear responsibility for their wellbeing. And the animal who is picked up on the street can share with new friends not only worms or fleas, but also infectious diseases. And even if it seems to you that the cat or a dog look not bad, all of them can equally need in vetpomoshch.

In a vetklinik will take analyses from "podobranets", will examine it, will advise as it is better to process from ticks and fleas, to get rid of worms, than to feed and wash. And in the 2nd weeks after processing from parasites to you will be come to visit the veterinarian again to do to the new pet necessary vaccination.

The veterinarian can also determine the age of the picked-up animal approximately.

 Stray dogs of a photo

On a photo: stray dogs. Photo: flickr.com

And even if it seems that the picked-up dog or a cat are healthy, try to keep within 2 – 3 weeks new animal in the certain room, far away from other pets . The majority of infectious diseases has the incubatory (hidden) period when "by eye" it is impossible to see symptoms.

Of course, will be suitable for a quarantine more the house where there are no other animals of the same look. If there is no such opportunity, provide to pets at least separate bowls, ammunition and accessories to leaving. And having communicated to a new animal and being going to interact with others, surely wash hands.

Attentively watch all animals – there is a risk that it is necessary to treat all house pack. Pay attention to changes in behavior, loss of appetite, temperature increase, you watch that quadrupeds had no vomiting or diarrhea. If noticed some of these symptoms, as soon as possible address the veterinarian.

Step 2: feed, but know when to stop

If you already were at the veterinarian, for certain he advised than and in what quantities it is better to feed the new pet.

Most likely, the yearned creation will be ready to eat a bull – entirely, with a skin and horns. Do not give in to temptation at once to feed an animal in plenty – better to begin with small portions.

And here clear fresh drinking water has to be available always.

Step 3: buy a dowry

Own things, at least the most necessary are necessary for the new family member: the place for a dream, bowls for food and water, several toys, a tray and a kogtetochka (if it is a cat), a breast-band (or a collar) and a lead (if it is a dog) and also objects for leaving: hairbrush, nail clipper and so forth.

Step 4: leave the new pet alone

You should not expect that the picked-up small animal right there will become you the best friend and will fall in love with you more life. It is quite possible that the first days the new pet will be afraid of you – and it is normal.

Do not take offense and do not impose the society. Let the new family member will understand that in this house the danger does not threaten it. If the animal initiates communication, keep in touch, but without persistence.

Step 5: decide that you will do next

It is a high time to decide that you will do with the foundling: you will keep or will try to find "good hands".

If you choose the first option, it is worth thinking of how the new settler will fit into your life. If decided that you will look for to the orphan a new foster home, it is quite good to take good pictures and to make the attractive text of the announcement, having posted online it – on bulletin boards, forums and in social networks.

 the Surprised cat lies on a photo floor

Photo: goodfreephotos.com

To present the new house to an unfortunate being – undoubtedly, a noble act. But try to be guided not only emotions: on you at the same time full responsibility for life and wellbeing the new family member lays down.

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