• Jan 24, 2020

About three weeks ago, passersby Sara, Ad and Maureen, noticed a small lump at a roadside in New York. The kitten was him.

"He was very hungry and tried to find something edible a pad in a plastic package which someone threw out".

The kitten was strongly exhausted – continuous skin and bone – and could not even find forces to escape from strangers. Сбегав behind a towel and a cat's forage, Maureen gently wrapped up a kitten and carried him home.


"I am madly glad that we found it then. It is hard to say how many it still such state would hold on. We noticed that it in a mouth on the right side had a swelled-up wound. At once it is clear that on the street it was necessary to the poor creature hardly".

It turned out that the wound at a kitten (whom, by the way, called Johnny) is a purulent abscess. It hurt it so much that the kid could not even eat. Johnny in eight weeks weighed only 600 grams and was strongly dehydrated.

" I never before saw such lean kitten. But we surely will help him and we will present him as much as possible love and cares".

On reception at the veterinarian, antibiotics, glistogonny medicines gave Johnny and also put a dropper which helped it to restore water balance. Already then, directly during survey, the kid purred, as got as though understanding that people want to help it around.

The first few days Sara fed Johnny from the syringe as the kid could not eat. But every day he became stronger and was able to afford to eat more and more independently.

And one morning, Sara came into the room where Johnny slept, and for the first time saw how he meets her, already standing on pads.

"That day he began to eat

independently. I was happy to tears".


Though pain from abscess still disturbed it, the little hero struggled with it and continued to eat soft puree for kittens. His will to live admired all three of his adoptive parents.

After a meal to it it is always so good that the room is filled with loud purring. "And when it is ironed, feeling that it departs somewhere on the seventh sky".

For only several weeks Johnny's life turned to absolutely opposite side. Now he is almost healthy, abscess in a mouth just about will heal finally, and his tummy is always full of tasty nutritious food.


"It was so quickly restored, it just a miracle!"

Sara remembers:

"When we only found Johnny on the street, he died of hunger, all bitten by fleas, wounded and awfully sad. In such state it could not last long. Now he weighs so much how many it is necessary to a healthy kitten, quickly grows, independently eats and plays much, giving all love around".

Good luck to you, kid Johnny! We rejoice for you!

Similar stories happen in the different cities and the countries, they touch and inspire!

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