• Jan 27, 2020

So far you rejoice to how you cheap bought a puppy, their mothers die on hands at volunteers. Those stories about rescue of animals which many like to read, reconsidering a photo "to" and "after" — they not invented, they are not written by writers as the next best-seller. They are real, and their authors people who endured 7 circles of hell before sharing with you the history of rescue.
, unfortunately, was not lucky Me. In my history there will be no photo "later".

 a dog, a pet, a wild animal with

the Homeless dog on streets of Minsk, you will surprise nobody any more even if this dog thoroughbred. So it happened also to labrushy. Dirty, dragged, beaten by life (and not only it, probably) the dog wandered for days on end down the street in search of livelihood. All knew her: knew where she lives, knew her hostess (you represent, it had a hostess) about living conditions all knew too. But was to nobody to it business. Humanity manifestation top, there was only the fact that from time to time it was fed up. And it, accepting each bone as a god-send, every evening came back home to puppies and "hostess" that new day again to begin with wanderings.

 dog, pet, wild animal

Reported to us about it in the evening on June 1. Almost exhausted, with uterine bleeding, it came in search of food to local restaurant. But by that moment when we arrived to the place, the dog there was not any more. Further there were search and interrogation of all by the passing people regarding "saw did not see" which brought us into that ill-fated apartment which the labrusha considered the house. Against the background of lack of the electric power and the drunk hostess, the bleeding profusely dog feeding puppies on a heap of dirty rags looked very vividly. The hostess flatly since puppies were intended for sale, and their mother for the subsequent reproduction on light of the next fenotipny mongrels who will provide to the hostess quite good financial gain to pension refused to transfer us obviously suffering animal and six her puppies. But nevertheless suggested us to redeem all wholesale on 130 rubles for each head.


Hardly to us managed to persuade this woman to give img src=" /upload/temp-content/uploads/posts/2018-06/1528963853_4.jpg to us a dog bringing it in the veterinarian clinic. After a clinic we had to return it since "to me not with what to feed puppies". Here in this nightmare where there are no conditions for life where regularly there pass wine parties of local "blue". The place which all neighbors know as a brothel in which the district police officer is on 7 times a week one very clever drunk, decided to earn from a dog uterus and to sell "Labradors" from "a neighbour's Ball" at 150 rubles apiece (if wholesale, concedes for 130).

 a dog, a pet, a wild animal

A the most terrible that the majority of your Yorkshire terriers, тоев, huskies which you bought without documents according to the announcement on Kufar "as a hobby" at all differ in nothing from these "Labradors on 130 wholesale". Hundreds of dogs live all the life in sufferings from infinite knittings and childbirth only because you saw in it breed (I do not know that people mean by this word).

 a dog, a pet, a wild animal

This story if to tell it in all details, would pull on a small small volume, but I will stop on it. For me forever will remain a secret from where the person of so low social status had a thoroughbred dog. Perhaps, all according to the same announcement on Kufar where she was sent to a gift "on family circumstances".
In new life it has to be called Dakota … Labrush's
died in terrible torments at us on hands at 12 o'clock the next day, to the last gasp wagging us a tail. Doctors were powerless.

History of Elena Cherkes

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