• Sep 20, 2018


It is Bella, a remarkable fluffy cat who lives already 10 years with the owner Sean. Bella won his heart from the very first meeting.

photo: thedodo.com

But recently it became clear that it has one very unpleasant not habit …

The matter is that Bella trades in theft.

It began criminal life last summer, and it turned out absolutely accidentally. One day Sean suddenly noticed that his four-footed workmate came back home with production – a sock. Next day there arrived also the second sock. And then one more.

For the fourth day Bella decided to replace the repertoire and brought the children's drawing.

Here so the result of the first sortie looked:

photo: thedodo.com

Whose it is things, it was unclear. Only one was clear – they definitely not Sean. It turns out, Bella drags off them at someone during the evening walks. But on four things everything did not stop.

For all summer Sean filled with the things stolen it by a cat the whole garbage package. But it seems that the appetite of the pilferer to production only grows every day.

Sean says: "It always came only with one thing in teeth. And now in a night can bring 2 — 3 or even more".

Sean has already whole collection of someone else's clothes.

It, of course, hanged out announcements for search of lawful owners, but nobody appeared. Sean put opposite to the house a chair with all things, hoping that someone distinguishes in them the.

photo: thedodo.com

The owner of the thief feels a little guilty: "I can present that people constantly buy new clothes and do not understand where old disappears. And still Bella often brings underwear, and it forces me to feel absolutely inconveniently".

Sean very much hopes that as history of a cat pilferer becomes more and more known, there will be an owner of all things "acquired" by him.

Well, and cat … She still should understand all abnormality of the actions.

Sean jokes: "I think, she very much is proud of herself. She would know only what is necessary to me the size and style".

But, of course, the owner did not begin to love Bella for such pranks less.

"I love it, despite everything. And even her tendency to kleptomania to it not a hindrance".


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