• Dec 9, 2020

Picturesque Yakut edge is famous for the severe winters. All freezes live and lifeless, strong and helpless. For example, puppies who were just born on light. They just had no place to go, there is no place to be warmed and there is nothing to eat. Mother protected them as could. Heated that was forces, fed with the milk, but also it the same infinitely freezing and starving mother's sense also was not.


Семья perished alive. Nestled sidewise to each other and waited for spring. Did not wait. How mother tried to lick puppies, to move, push, bring to, it was not succeeded to save kids. They froze to death. Their little bodies rimed, hardened. They had to be scrubbed away literally from half of the room where the dead family was found. Mother managed to survive only.

The first several weeks and life it was difficult to call her life. After the warm full house to experience treachery of the former owners, to be on street and as a result of vagrant life to give rise to posterity and immediately to lose it — intolerable anguish. Yusta, so call mother, several weeks transferred mourning and with anybody did not want to communicate. Silently transferred this trouble.


Несколько was required weeks to Yusta for restoration. Food got better, the immunity got stronger, it was stabilized psychological and physical state. Yusta began to communicate, even showed excellent mood and vigorous mood. Its internal force inspired young people who decided to adopt Yusta and apprehended acquaintance to such pet for honor. Well, and Yusta cannot believe so far that miracle which occurred, but it is precisely sure, miracles happen. And, in spite of the fact that it had to worry, life goes on. Let its happy history will inspire also other people on such kind acts, and tails — to believe people, despite everything.

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