• Jan 28, 2020

the Puppy unicorn is found in the city Jackson, the State of Missouri, the USA. Not purebred kid was found in October by representatives of the Mac's Mission organization specializing in protection of homeless animals. On a forehead the puppy has one more tail which, unlike the basic, does not wag.

This unique feature also gave to a dog the second name "Unicorn". Officially the foundling was called by Narwhal. The dog already underwent all necessary inspections. It is established that the shoot which is sticking out at her of a forehead is the second tail and does not pose any threat for an animal. The puppy is absolutely healthy and has no else anomalies, except the second tail.

"It seems to

that the highest forces just incorrectly brought together a puppy. His second tail has no practical appointment, except only one – to make the owner the most abrupt dog on the planet", – it is noted in the message of the organization.

Also there it is specified that about 300 people wanted to adopt a dog. Most of people enthusiastically spoke of her.

But there were also those who threatened to kill an animal or just wanted to earn from a unique type of the kid. In this regard the organization which found an unusual puppy decided to keep him.

It is supposed that he will be trained also a full cycle of inoculations then he will be able to communicate with people "in the therapeutic purposes".

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