• Aug 20, 2020

the Poor fellow Jean in spite of the fact that it is rather large, adult guy, cannot stand for itself. Whether from what does not want is not able to do it. Whether from the fact that it already faced attacks it was suppressed and just is afraid? Anyway in the open-air cage in local small and, to put it mildly, very modest shelter to Jean it is very bad.

It appeared in the zoo-hostel absolutely unexpectedly, but from it it is not less tragic. Jean was born at the manufacturer in big family of relatives. And him, the little fatty, decided to sell as a thoroughbred thoroughbred dog for big money to young couple with the burning eyes and desire to get the pet. Young people decided to get thoroughbred dog, to amuse vanity or to find an extra reason for boasting, we cannot claim, but what happened then, reveals any and all secrets.


Время went, and Jean grew up. It became larger, the small puppyish tummy slowly began to leave, and the muzzle got outlines of the adult conscious guy. And all this time of owners vague doubts tormented: whether and the pet we to ourselves chose that? Whether it is valid he thoroughbred? The appearance of Jean began to bear a faint resemblance to that picture which was submitted by couple. Without thinking twice, despite affection of a dog for people, Jean was taken away in a shelter. And the lack of blue blood became the reason of this act.

Jean did not understand for a long time that he happened to him and why he has to sit here where his owners and what next to do. Jean was already broken and depressed. And he in such state was very easy to be wounded or offended, than and "grandfathers" of a shelter used. Jean was placed in the single open-air cage, but sometimes as necessary settled neighbors to it and Jean came for walk together with all. We do not know that he did not divide with relatives, but attacked Jean and very strongly bit, cracked a paw so that the open extensive fragmentary bleeding wound was formed. It was processed immediately, and for Jean excluded communication with relatives.


Ну is not pleasant it to them something. Attacks to it did not stop all this time as soon as the pet comes for walk from the open-air cage. Nobody visits him, and there is a good chance to remain here forever. Please, look narrowly at this guy. He so kind and defenseless, heart contracts. He kept in himself humanity, despite everything.

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