• Aug 21, 2020

the Yorkshire terrier by nickname Matilda got to a shelter as well as hundreds of others a broshenok. It was found half-dead on the street. The dog simply and lifelessly lay in the yard. The baby was taken away and accurately carried home. Looked for owners, but nobody responded. But it appeared a little, it did not become better for the girl, the woman who saved a dog asked for the professional help.


Врачи defined 100 vw at once: the dog in critical condition, is necessary to her the help. Put droppers, took analyses, appointed detailed survey and ultrasonography. Strength of the pet were on an outcome, the woman as felt, asked for the help in time. The baby in a belly had a foreign subject. It was the plastic piece which whether from a toy, whether for hunger the dog swallowed.


Кусочек plastic paralyzed a stomach, injured walls, created suppurations. From it the pet did not eat food and felt an excruciating pain. Besides on her breast found the formed tumor of the big size. Doctors began to operate quickly it. The stomach resection was carried out, foreign matters are taken, and Matilda proved to be made from other party. The baby quickly is on the mend and even began to eat. Soon it will be transferred from a hospital to a shelter, and there, we hope, in the family. Matilda after final recovery will look for the house!

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