• Aug 19, 2020

B one of local gardening associations ripened a sensitive issue. All inhabitants and house owners with foam at a mouth clashed in ardent discussion how to arrive and what to do: to take pity or shed blood. The dog, got lost in the country jungle became a subject of their discussions. Be it a puppy, a kitten or a tiny rate, hardly the tiny being would cause so many half-words. But on the agenda there was a destiny alaby — a large men's individual who walked in itself and on the obscure circumstances got lost in the settlement.


Вариантов decisions was, much to regret of the shaggy robust fellow it is, not enough, only two. The first of them had nothing in common with humanity, but it would satisfy thirst of local community in safety.

It was offered to call hunters and to simply shoot down a dog: there is no stray dog — there is no problem. Though persons interested to arrive quite so appeared much, nevertheless there were those who also did not agree to undertake a burden to attach a dog, but also to fall asleep with the horrific blood-thirsty image, representing as shoot at a dog, nobody wanted. Therefore the sensible solution nevertheless was found.


Не to act rashly figcaption id="caption-attachment-28132" and the local zoo-community helped not to pull the trigger. Alaby with pleasure took away in a shelter, got acquainted with it, helped, surveyed. The guy was extremely good-natured and sociable in spite of the fact that the first signs spoke about earlier improper treatment with it. I Alabat everything were glad, he perfectly gets on with people and animals, and as a sign of its acceptance in zoo-family he received an unusual nickname: Zacky — it in translation from Arab means "wise". And Zacky really such. Eyes are kind, generous and conscious. The dog looks for the same attitude towards himself in reply! Perhaps, at someone in heart his wise eyes will respond, Zacky will find the house?!

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