• May 27, 2020

the Metis of a Rottweiler by the name of Luka so far very much is very cautious. He is able to get on with other dogs, treats familiar people yours faithfully. But here avoids strangers. And in general, having observed small, you understand that he is afraid of sharp sounds and movements to horror, despite its noble to become, power and courage. Most likely, got it hot from former owners and more than once became pear for a beating.

From it it very shy, modest and alerted. Though hopes for its restoration are. Luka likes to play active games, with pleasure meets new people, having made sure that they do not pose for it a threat. On habits it is similar to those doggies who are got as protection in private houses. The tail at the kid is stopped, knows people and listens to them, everything grabs on the fly, can only tell nothing. For example, how it appeared in a shelter and as former owners treated it.


Поэтому as if having closed sad pages of the past, Luka looks into the future and hopes for his happy outcome. And we are sure that all and will occur. Luka is the young healthy imparted active dog. Clever and obedient, presumably two-three-year-old guy will become the excellent friend to new family for which he already waits.

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