• Jan 28, 2019

found unusual burials. The skeletons found in the territory of the County of Dorset consist of bones of various representatives of fauna. It causes direct associations with ancient legends. There is an opinion that remains of "mythical animals" are found in Great Britain.

Remains of

Strange find

Scientists consider that they of of burial belong to the Celtic tribes . It is about the first century B.C.

Remains drew attention to those that among them it was possible to define parts of different mammals.

strange animals Were found:

  • a cow with horse hoofs;
  • a sheep with the bull head;
  • a horse with a horn on a forehead.

Remains of Mythical Animals

There were many disputes and the assumptions. Unusual beings were christened "chimeras". If to glance them in the encyclopedia, then there describe as an animal with a neck and the head of a lion, a body of a goat and a snake tail .

Besides, the werewolf breathed fire languages. Along with exotic beings dug out remains of the girl who could be a victim from ritual ceremonies.

Excavation in Great Britain

It is considered that such myths are peculiar to the southern people of the Black Sea and Mediterranean coasts . But opening of archeologists from England forced to look at history in a different way.

The previous year to other researchers a large number dog mummies got to . It happened on the territory of a sanctuary of the Egyptian god of the dead Anubis. Archeologists also connect a find with ancient myths.

Search operations in Great Britain continue. It is possible that in the nearest future new "chimeras" will be found.

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