• Feb 11, 2019

decrease in level of attention of scientific community in relation to representatives of fauna of this country who are considered as especially ugly. Such definition was received by a part of fauna as a result of sociological poll. Scientists are afraid that ugly Australian animals will cease to be studied.

Scientists Ceased to Study Ugly Australian Animals

of the Reason of decrease in attention

On pages of the Mammal Review journal magazine the review of representatives of fauna of Australia who were recognized as ugly was published by . A conclusion followed that these categories of animals deserve smaller attention of researchers from the publication.

Australian Ostriches

Is remarkable that proceeding from contents of article, nearly a half — 45% – the representatives of fauna who came into the view of scientists — authors of the review was recognized as ugly. The research during which 331 species of the Australian mammals were considered formed a basis for the review.

According to researchers of fauna, it is rather difficult to mass reader to realize all importance of a research ordinary-looking, often the ugly mammals having the small sizes and living on the far continent. Proceeding from it, referring to very limited interest of consumers, the magazine often refuses publications about some kinds of representatives of fauna of Australia.

of Vstrevozhennost of zoologists is caused by the fact that because of a lack of attention tens of types of representatives of fauna are on the verge of disappearance now. In particular, only in Australia from 1788 to today about 20 species of mammals are lost forever.

Ugly Animals of Australia

There is fear that the sharp slowdown of interest of the general public in animals, not nice to most of people and authors of scientific publications, is the beginning of a way to disappearance still sets of species.

the Research, resulted in such deplorable results, conditionally divided all animals on:

  • "good" ;
  • "bad" ;
  • "ugly" .

by results of such not too correct division — not deserving special attention — was referred to "ugly" category by 45% of representatives of fauna.

Taking into account quantity of the versions considered during the research, oblivion because of modestly appearance threatens more than 100 species.

What animals fell into disgrace

In category of ugly and ugly representatives of fauna two species of bats (the so-called false vampire) were carried, in particular. Their shortcoming, according to researchers — a nose in the form of a leaf.

Bats (So-called False Vampire)

declared "Good":

  • kangaroo;
  • koala;
  • some types of cat's.

Animal Koala

The associate professor of the university of Murdoch vaguely explained a situation: followed from his words that scientists are not going to stop researches of the species of mammals which were not pleasant to them at all. However financing on their studying will be significant is reduced, and respectively, the number of research efforts is significantly reduced.

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