• Feb 1, 2019

Specialists in fauna of an era of the Mesozoic came to conclusion that fossil birds did not hatch out some egg. The big weight of birds because of what they simply could crush a laying was the reason for that. Despite it, they could remain near posterity, but not to warm it, and for the purpose of protection against predators. The detailed description of a research can be read in the famous printing edition Journal of Evolutionary Biology.

 why ancient birds could not hatch out eggs

Facing scientists of a problem

Two paleontologists, one of whom the native of Germany — Gerald Meir, and the second of Great Britain — Charles Dimin research fossils of ancient birds. The famous experts in paleontology came to conclusion that were not hatched out by fossil birds of egg , and were only preserved. It is connected with the big body weight of ancient birds from the Mesozoic.

Research of Scientists about Birds

The complexity of an experiment is that the zakamenevshy remains of baby birds which are in eggs do not give complete idea of what were adult individuals. Because of it it is impossible to establish accessory of little birds in any look. The English and German researchers should understand this problem.

The main issue which they try to sort — evolution of incubation of posterity adult birds. it is difficult to to present Modern fauna without so typical bird's behavior , incubation of an egg laying allows to warm the baby birds who are in a shell. The similar ability is inherent also in several species of reptiles.

That the bird could hatch out an egg laying, observance of several basic rules (specifications) is required:

  • small weight of birds;
  • strong egg shell.
Scientific it is quite difficult to

to find out what ratio of fossil birds to egg as belonging of baby birds to any species of ancient birds cannot be defined because fossils of baby birds are in a shell was. Therefore Gerald Meir and Charles Dimin had to resort to indirect signs and to carry out the careful analysis.

research Course

Different indicators of weight of body weight of fossil birds of the mesozoic period were taken as a basis of an experiment. In a research scientists relied on the following calculations:

Scientists Found Out the Reasons why Fossil Birds Did Not Hatch Out Some Egg

  • the body weight of 21 kinds of the died-out birds living in the territory of Earth in the period of the Mesozoic;
  • own calculations of dimensions of eggs of the taken copies;
  • data on structure of an egg shell which were obtained during the histologic researches of the hardened remains.

Diameter of eggs was defined thanks to the hardened pelvic bones of ancient birds. It turned out that this distance much less, than modern representatives have faunae. The ratio of length and width of eggs allowed to make the presumable mass of one egg.

Durability of a shell was insufficient, therefore fossil birds could not hatch out the posterity . The weight of some individuals exceeded admissible body weight for incubation for 10−30%.

from this scientists made by

the logical conclusion that birds relatively learned to warm recently with heat of the plumage of a laying. There was it on one hundred millions years how in the world the first birds appeared.

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