• Dec 21, 2018

the world etmologichesky community. Scientists opened the amazing fact: bugs are not able to die out! To prove it, a lot of time and work of hundreds of experts over studying of the dinosaurs of samples who remained since an era was required.

What helped bugs to endure two periods of great extinctions on the planet Earth

At one of the last world conferences on an etmologiya of a star of the scientific world more than 179 families of insects produced the evidence of existence in the modern world, a life story of which begins at the time of life of dinosaurs .

Such variety which remained up to now ( initially existed about 214 subspecies) , cannot but surprise.

Whether the Secret of the Survived Insect Will Help the Person

Experts believe, quietly help to exist on the planet despite everything an insect:

Whether the Secret of the Survived Insect Will Help the Person

  1. Mobility.
  2. Good adaptation.
  3. Various diet.

All this was much more important than availability of dense fur , powerful claws and strong teeth. Could not break this look neither oligotsenovy extinction, nor Perm.

What these subspecies will endure all live organisms on the planet, including the person became obvious.

Etmolog make big plans and believe that careful studying of life of insects will help to increase duration of human life.

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