• Mar 30, 2020
the Baby Marta fell of

into hands of volunteers in a deplorable state. No, on her body there were no wounds or traces from a beating. Nothing threatened her physical health, and here psychological — a big question.

Marta to horror was intimidated. Her eyes shouted that something terrible occurred it. But that — nobody could understand. Beat? Shouted? Scoffed? Starved? Intimidated? Isolated from communication? Betrayed? Options infinite number, but result one. The thrown necessary animal driven into a corner to nobody.

The dog needed long and patient rehabilitation. Step by step, long, but truly volunteers looked for ways and approaches to the offended being who was afraid and to peep. Marta needed careful survey, leaving and care. Unostentatious courtesies, only absolute love, awe helped at least a little, but to lower that stress in which the baby stayed.

The girl of breed the bulldog now stays not in such nervous state as it was before, but all her heart did not thaw for those offenses which its reasons of people. The shiver in a body gradually departs, eyes become clearer and quiet, and movements — courageous. The appetite improves, apathy was gone. Nevertheless Marta not so surely keeps on paws, on an old habit is afraid of sharp sounds and movements. It urgently needs the person who will prove that not all cruel men, and she is a worthy girl. There are occasions that to like and to appreciate it. Will prove that care and love I can be free and mutual.

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