• Aug 5, 2020

This amber and chocolate girl became the real legend for a local shelter. She could survive in the terrifying conditions though nothing portended a trouble. Her, the absolute charming beauty, though not pure breed, with great hope to find the friend family people took away. Owners inspired trust at employees of a shelter. Adult wealthy and successful men fell in love with Juli at first sight, and she, being a light and naive being, not learned the evils and treacheries yet, was full of joy for the first time to get to the house.


Будто a bolt from the blue fell upon the baby never-ending and groundless reproaches, groundless charges, cruelty and composure. At first everything was expressed rather harmlessly for a puppy, it seemed to it, it is only an education stage. In the childhood it is necessary to help to direct and explain that it is good and what is bad.

But when reproaches turned into verbal threats of manhandling, and then at all in the form of deprivation of water and write to real punishments, Juli understood that it is already not jokes and not a stage of education at all. It was the real brutal captivity.


Четырёхмесячного delivered a puppy in a shelter in depleted state. The children's skeleton scaredly took hardly successful steps and was absolutely injured. Several months were necessary to restore food and perception of the world. But now from shy Juli it turned out cheerful and cheerful, and, above all — the puppy who is not embittered on the person who looks for the house.

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