• Jan 15, 2020

Though this story happened long ago, we decided to publish it as it – the next confirmation of dedication of animals and the fact that they are capable of a feat for the sake of those who are loved.

The case which occurred in Northern Texas (USA) and flew the United States in 2014 excited many: news TV-channels, the websites and newspapers told how mother pony by the name of Bella started saving the two-week daughter Irisku from the fire.

The flame of the stable in which they lived extended very quickly. To save the child, Bella drove Irisku into the corner and covered her with a body. They were managed to be saved, the baby got off with several small burns. And here Bella suffered so strongly that doctors seriously were afraid for her life.

Owners of a pony had no enough money for Bella's treatment (and it was required for $1000 a day) and were forced to refuse both her, and Toffee, having transferred animals to zoodefenders from "Humane society of Northern Texas".

Funds for treatment of self-sacrificing mother were raised by all United States of America.

Bella quickly was on the mend and all this time continued to feed the daughter.

, img-responsive saved on the fire of a photo

On a photo: the foal saved by mother pony Toffee. Photo: usatoday.com

Once again people were convinced that animals have both feelings, and attachments, and pain, and fear, and desire to live.

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