• Jan 15, 2020

the Dog – a source of immense happiness in human life. Between us the strongest communication is formed, and memories of time spent in the company of canine friends remain with us forever. Dogs fill emptiness in heart and when time to say goodbye to them comes, people feel terrible pain from such loss.

Photo: iheartdogs.com

The photographer Ross Taylor in his series of photos under the name "Last Moments" imprints seconds before favourite pets of people are lulled, both bitter and silent minutes after they died more. And these photos will not leave indifferent anybody.

All photos were taken with the permission of owners and with deep respect for their loss.

Photo: iheartdogs.com

Ross Taylor explains the decision to create a series of such photos: "This gloomy and very strong proof of communication of the person and a dog, that pain which comes when this link is broken. I perfectly understand that this subject is emotionally heavy. I very much respect people who passed through it. These are some of the heaviest moments which witness I had to become".

Photo: iheartdogs.com

"For people who make this difficult decision it is important to div class=" quote to know

that they are not lonely in the grief and, the main thing that their grief is not diminished".

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