• Feb 10, 2020

Passersby found seven dogs on sharp break in the rock in Ossetia. The brood was exhausted and unfortunate. Wild dangerous conditions for life — a cause of death of the most part of puppies. In total in a dung there were nine cubs. Only three survived.

the Others were enticed by the abyss. They could not escape. Who knows what destiny was prepared for family: to stumble from break and to die terrible fast death or long and to perish painfully from cold and hunger. Both options unfavourable.

the Father of family — a hybrid of a staff and Kors, once powerful strong healthy hardly gave signs of life. Actually, as well as mother who is bearing a faint resemblance to a bulldog. To feed children parents have simply nothing. They and themselves could not in such conditions get food, without speaking about posterity.

the Feral family was noticed in time by not indifferent. Now the family in the remained structure stays in nursery. Provided them the minimum care, a shelter, food and care. In spite of the fact that animals were thrown, most likely, when those became objectionable, unnecessary or unprofitable, pets kept optimism.

Kabel is a little more scared, to the person goes reluctantly, it is difficult to it to adapt after so many wanderings. And mother more sociable. She is tender, playful, takes care to children. And those, by the way, turned out at combative dogs beautiful, clever and very kind.

Only three cubs could survive this winter. Each of them — nature special. The boy, the only survivor, the real cutie, the ladies' man, loves people and well gets on with them, tender and very loveful.

Two girls, one of which — black lokhmatenky. The mischievous person and the prankish, a veselushka also got, very highly is able to jump up to present the kisses. And still she very funny smiles and then is similar to small chanterelle, will not allow anybody to miss.

the Second — a ryzhenky miracle, is self-sufficient, she is able to entertain herself and to think out new games, without being guided by other puppies. To it and one it is rather cheerful and not dull. Attention asks a little, tender and very trained.

the House is looked for by all family, both parents, and children. Each of them still believes in people, tender, generous, is ready to training. With everyone it is possible and it is necessary to work. To love them, and they will surely answer the same!

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