• Feb 27, 2019

in space in scientific community it was told About flight of the person by div long before the device with the person onboard was started. But before sending to space of the person, tests were carried out on dogs as they it is better than other animals cope with overloads and well give in to training. Many know the interesting facts about the first dogs astronauts, but some information about them became known just now.

The Interesting Facts about the First Dogs Astronauts

of Like — the first dog in space

Laika — the First Dog in Space

Before test in an orbit of Like was homeless and it appeared among those mongrels who were caught for a research by special team. It was not the first who was sent to space. To it there was Albyn's dog who, having flown by a half of an orbit, successfully returned to Earth. The laika was not fated to return live. The satellite which was designed by the Soviet engineers for atmospheric entry was not equipped. Sending it, trainers knew that follow a dog to the grave.

The mission of the Laika revolted then many states, and England even opened in the press propaganda for flight cancellation. In other countries moments of silence in protest were arranged. The Union did not understand such relation of the West and answered that it is made for the mankind benefit, but not because of the cruel attitude towards animals. But it turned out that suffered the Laika because of cruelty . It could be saved. But Khrushchev who was then in power wanted to launch a missile as soon as possible — by anniversary of October.

Weeds Likes in Space

Remained to time a little successfully to perform all commissioning work, and about safe return "pilot" was not also speeches. The rocket was slightly more washing machine, and there it was difficult for doggie to take place. That it could not move anywhere, it was attached to sitting, and in such situation it had to hold on twenty days. One of scientists Yazdovsky before flight took the Laika home to give it a little family love. He wanted though something to make for a favourite mongrel: for her so it was a little allocated on life.

In the morning all members of the team said goodbye to the alumna, having kissed on a nose and having wished a kind way. And the satellite that day did not manage to be launched, and the Laika stayed in it the whole three days at a cold temperature. On the third of November, 1957 it departed to Space. Devices showed that the doggie got a fright when gravitation forces began to work, then calmed down a little, but here temperature suddenly began to increase.

When it reached forty, the Laika began to panic again. Scientists could help nothing to it. Because of intolerable closeness heartbeat of an animal quickly became frequent and stopped absolutely. The dog died in seven hours after start of the satellite, struggling with painful pain. Her body burned down, without having reached Earth. The same fate comprehended also her ally — Mucha who was registered spare and departed together with other animals. On the way to the house in a rocket there were failures, and it was blown together with "astronauts".

Flight of Belka and Strelka

On August 19, 1960 on Orbit the spaceship with two dogs — Belka and Strelka which in a day arrived to Earth, unlike the Laika, live and well-known for the whole world was sent. Prepared for flight them long and thoroughly: prevented in special small cabins with the increased noise level, accustomed to wear clothes and to eat by means of automatic machines. Tests of a dog were passed successfully.

Flight of Belka and Strelka

during flight they were in a container which was developed for the person, and there was all necessary for his life.

Krom of dogs, aboard the ship were loaded:

  • other experimental animals ;
  • of a plant ;
  • seeds .

the Ship was started from Baikonur Cosmodrome. During flight animals were watched by scientists.

Belka and Strelka in Space

difficult were coming

of Test: it was necessary to make 17 rounds around the planet (Gagarin in 1961 made only one). Flight took place normally, Belka and Strelka felt well.

After implementation of the program of a dog remained to live at research institute, lived still long life, and at the Arrow six excellent puppies, one of whom presented to the American president, were born.

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