• Dec 18, 2020

on this lovely muzzle! On it there is practically no trace of those awful events which was endured by this dog, more precisely a puppy. The kid is not a year old, but its biography would be enough for several dog lives though he does not despair and looks at the world opening by kind eyes.

The ordinary street puppy was born at the railway station. Exactly there his mother found though some means to survive and decided to give rise exactly there in case not she, numerous people will be able though something to help her children nearby. But mother did not consider that people are different. And not all are eager to help stray dogs. Some just hate them and literally get rid.

The harmless, not done to anybody harm of a puppy shot at this. Bloodthirstily and ruthlessly sent a trigger with one purpose — to kill it to this baby. But the puppy by some miracle survived. It was the first blow. The second — the puppy pleased under the train and it was great damaged by an iron heap. The fracture of a beam bone, a basin and a jaw — with such injuries fought doctors for a puppy.


Сейчас threatens nothing life of the pet. It still should finish treatment and rehabilitation. The guy is quickly restored and will shortly be on the full mend. Just you will have time to decide on acquaintance to it. So far to it there will be enough your moral support, caress and belief in its full treatment. Well, and later a little more time the kid will be attached!

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