• Jan 25, 2019

Exotic pets even more often succeed four-footed pets, habitual for people: to dogs, cats and hamsters. The Internet abounds with a set of rollers with tricks which main heroes become: raccoons, polecats, hedgehogs and even lynxes. And also video about whether it is worth getting caress or any other pet. Domestication and domestication of such small animal as caress is one more fashionable trend of the last time.


Tiny "aggressor"

In spite of the fact that the animal is known thanks to the rigid temper and bloodthirstiness, many people dream of such pet.

The Smallest Predator

The caress is the most tiny predator on Earth. The sizes are it from 16 to 18 cm. Lovely appearance of an animal — one of the reasons of such popularity among people. Eyes of caress are similar to large beads. The small animal has a pointed moustached nose and extremely soft, fluffy wool. The tiny predator can also brag of a snow-white fur coat and a thin tail.

The predator is related to family of marten. the Immediate family of a small animal are:


  • mink;
  • polecat;
  • ermine.

The caress does not fear people at all, moreover, the pet often behaves aggressively in relation to biped. Cases when the person was attacked by a predator are known, and to get rid of his sharp teeth is rather problematic.

The wild caress without thoughts attacks if to approach it on a short distance. Despite a charming look, it is possible to call a small animal the hooligan in comparison with other animals. Frogs, snakes, moles, rabbits, hens and even snakes become its production.

The animal has predatory temper, and the ordinary polecat is tamed much more simply, but if you are full of determination to make friends with caress, then you need to know better about character, habits, behavior and food of an exotic small animal.

of the Habit of an exotic small animal

Caress — the unsurpassed swimmer and the runner. With ease not the hindrance submits trees, branches and trunks to it. The aggressive temper together with natural abilities does caress by really dangerous rival for other inhabitants of the wood.

Manual Caress

The animal is widespread on all territory of Eurasia. Area of dwelling of small small animals are the cold places having northern localization. The main advantage of an animal for the person consists in talent on extermination of rodents. How to connect blood-thirsty character of a small animal and such harmless name? The answer is simple — the caress as a pet is very easily tamed , in particular small animals of early age. It is a pity, but quite often the bondage becomes a cause of death of small animals.

In house conditions life expectancy of an animal makes 4−6 years. The affection of the tamed small animal for the owner is so strong that it can be compared to attachment of a faithful dog. At the correct domestication of an animal: more to you not to find the best, loyal and tender friend.

Caress and Pets

Domestication of a little animal the most suitable option, but at the same time to adapt it to house conditions it is difficult. Therefore most of people try to catch already grown up small animal. Quite often at such catching, the hunter is repeatedly bitten, and probability is high that the predator will just escape. Looking after the newborn pet, you can be sure in 100% of fidelity and devotion of the kid.

The house caress will correspond completely to the name. The small animal will accompany you everywhere, beginning from games and finishing with rest and a dream. the Dog and a cat will not prevent to contain caress , the main condition is a friendly spirit of habitual quadrupeds in relation to the wild fellow. Quite often the predator takes berths and steals food from other pets that can become the cause of conflict.

Caress on Hunting

The pet will choose the vacation spot for himself. It is necessary to be ready and to the fact that expenses on food of the favourite will be very essential. The small animal is indifferent to the synthetic sterns which are on sale in pet-shops, and here the diet consisting of fresh meat and eggs will precisely be to the taste to him. Products have to be quality, it is also necessary to provide the pet with clear drinking water.

If you tame recently been born small animal, then for feeding prepare the pipette or the syringe.

Favorable conditions for an exotic animal

Having finally decided to get the new family member, it is necessary to take care about his comfort accommodation. Caress — a clean animal therefore it will be required:

Tray for Caress

  • constantly to watch purity of a tray;
  • it is necessary to observe the maximum care at acquaintance of the new favourite to the available pets. But over time they will get used to each other.

An important part is an assignment for a forage for an animal, the caress eats only qualitative products, in particular meat and eggs.

The unusual four-footed small animal at due leaving and care by all means will become your loyal and reliable friend.

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