• Oct 9, 2019

These relatives of cockroaches famous in the people also as white ants, live in houses. The dwellings generally in Africa or Latin America build termites. Huge structures of their "houses" of a bizzare shape can be met in the most unexpected places. And also from surprise to open a mouth. Ponder only, height of one such "lodge" can reach 8 meters!

Yes, the nature is surprising on the one hand and accurately organized with another. Termites, as we know, live huge colonies. It also is clear, alone will not construct such lodge! Besides these insects have an accurate hierarchy among themselves or an exclusive system. All this is put in termites genetically and works without any failures.

But do not think that the houses build termites all crowd. At these insects construction happens quite romantically. Only present: termites — the king and the queen — copulate in air. Fly up (yes, they have wings)! At this moment there is a pairing. And after that at termites there comes gray everyday life: insects fall by the earth, bite off each other wings and begin building of a termitary. As material for the house own saliva and a crumb of a tree is used. Who lives in this house? Of course, new posterity of happy newlyweds!

By the way, inside the house is very difficult arranged. The set of "rooms" of a termitary strikes with the organization. In some there are larvae, in others termites soldiers and termites workers. In this building there is the ventilation system. In total as at people.

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