• Apr 17, 2019

Near Namibia and Botswana in savannas lives alone from the smallest wild cats. But the size does not influence that it is more dangerous than lions and leopards.
At a chernonogy cat a body which has a spotty light brown color. The size is even less, than at pets: length up to only 50 cm, height - to 20, and weight reaches at most one and a half kilograms. But despite the diminutiveness, it gets living creatures more, than a leopard for several months. It is because of the accelerated metabolism at small animals, they are forced to eat constantly.
Unlike other African representatives of the cat family, the chernonogy cat does not climb trees. She likes the former termitaries or holes more. For this reason she is also called" an ant tiger".
This look very rare, the exact quantity of individuals is unknown. It is included in the Red List.

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