• Jan 16, 2020

Bears haunt inhabitants of Kamchatka!

On Kamchatka goes real war between bears and people. Losses are sustained by both parties. But, thank God, does without the human victims. Under a sight raged clumsy pets, houses and even cars.

bear on Kamchatka
Arrangement of the site on Kamchatka can be deadly occupation. The local resident Maria Mozdakova tells: "Brought dogs for protection of the site, but killed protection". The hostess of the site admits: "It is good that builders were not brought, otherwise the wild bear would gnaw through all team of workers! "

"The bear aggressive, he pulls out windows and smashes the house, lifted up two and crippled seven dogs who are in a stress now. It is good that we did not bring workers there! Will not concern the human victims yet, everything will spit on this problem" — Maria Mozdakova, the owner of the site told.

The bear haunts inhabitants since June. So on Kamchatka shot already sixteen bears who did not allow to live quietly to people: came to seasonal dachas, killed the cattle, broke cars. And here the seventeenth was a tough nut. It already in parts sorted a country house, but at the same time is not satisfied with what has already been achieved and hides in the forest from hunters. After the district the heads and hoofs of cows, lie on the seasonal dacha a mute reproach as the monument to bear terror, costs the broken car.

But a problem, according to representatives of a local Hunting control, not in bears, and in people. Often locals begin to lure wild animals just for fun and effective, but deadly, a selfie with a bear.

"Feed, brag, spread rollers in network though all perfectly understand that all this leads to the fact that such here lured animals shoot back and destroyed. That is you understand — stretching to a bear pie — you kill him, and all are praised by it" — Vladimir Gordiyenko, the head of department of the state hunting supervision of the agency of forestry and protection of fauna of Kamchatka Krai told.

Independently kill a bear local cannot, hunters do not undertake, from this bear it is impossible to take even a claw — penalties ultraboundary, and here the agency of forestry cannot be on duty on the site round the clock — similar calls and so is enough.

Source: https://360tv.ru

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