• Feb 7, 2020

Thoroughbred is thrown too. The young dehydrated cat came into one of the Moscow yards from hopelessness. The lop-eared kid was strongly exhausted, frightened. Found in it by the cat's sizes a huge tumor. Who knows, its fate kind of was if there were no attentive and kind people.

A few days ago social networks thundered a new wave: the cat, breed echoes a Scottish Fold, young the clumsy, absolutely left to the mercy of fate is found. Found it the concierge of one of entrances of the Moscow yards. Risking a position, risking to receive a shattering dose of anger of residents, visors of the kid on temporary care in an entrance where the woman works.

As the kid got to a caste of homeless children — difficultly to find out, or perhaps already and it is impossible. The call about search of former owners was not crowned with success. The owner did not respond. Though a cat thoroughbred, with a beautiful light color and tender unpretentious character. Probably, adult children played enough with a live toy. Could not cope with responsibility, train the kid in basic skills and simply did not see for an animal. And he does not ask much: to love him, to give delicacies, to direct and to scratch sometimes tenderly behind an ear.

And all nothing, for each thrown animal will be more the loving heart and the new house. But the cat is seriously sick. When he was transferred by physicians, those reported the unfavourable diagnosis: the kid has an oncology. The unfortunate owner so started an animal that the tumor grew to the egg size! And the reasons of development of education, a type of a tumor are not found out yet. Whether it is parasites who were not brought out of an animal organism in any way — any more not to find out whether viruses, whether hormones or absolute indifference to immunity of a cat. A cat under observation of doctors.

That with the pet now? Activists collected the necessary sum to deliver an animal to the doctor for primary survey. To it will make necessary analyses. If appoint operation — we will believe, the kid will transfer it courageously, and the raised funds will cover process and rehabilitation. Besides the cat needs to be defaberzhirovat if there are no contraindications. There are fears that the cat has problems with a scale or gums. There will be enough collected sum at the moment to begin complex treatment.

The cat still temporarily became the colleague of the rescuer, protects tranquility and silence of the Moscow entrance, grows stronger. Its lovely eyes melted hearts of inhabitants of an entrance, nobody spoke against an animal indoors, and some even began to bring entertainments to the kid. Lesley — a new name of a fluffy small animal. A way it will become a starting point in now happy full warm joyful cat's life.

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