• Jan 23, 2020
Why some people consciously leave to

animals it is in danger, and others save them life.

In the middle of the night the volunteer Svetlana from Moscow was called by the girlfriend. Sobbing, the girl told a terrible story how they with the husband literally from under wheels of the car got a puppy.

 puppy, hand, person, winter, animal Photo: instagram.com/zoopomosch

All horror of the event was in what people with own eyes saw how of the car going ahead went out the man, took out a puppy and left it at a border directly on the carriageway. Then the driver quickly left.

And a puppy, having been frightened of noise of the cars passing by and loud signals, in panic began to rush about on the road, aiming to get under the wheels.

Saviors of the baby jumped out of the car. The girl began to catch the kid, and her spouse, actively gesticulating, asked other motorists to stop.

The puppy was lucky: he was saved in time. The baby has no trauma or damage. But, unfortunately, not indifferent "travelers" cannot keep the baby (спасёныш it was the girl). At them there live two dogs of combative breeds, and to a puppy to remain with them in one room is unsafe.

, the pet, the girl, is expensive Photo: instagram.com/zoopomosch

And crumb very tender and contact. Such small joyful ball which constantly wags a tail and is ready to lick everything on light. The puppy is about three months old, the girl is healthy, only strongly exhausted and constantly wants to eat.

Saw a kindred spirit in a lovely black-and-white lump? Do you want to take away a puppy to yourself? Leave comments, we will surely answer you and we will give coordinates of people which have a crumb.

Let's create good together!

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