• Nov 11, 2019

St. Valentine's Day – one of favourite holidays of residents of the English-speaking countries. It is a way once again to remind the soulmate of how she is dear to you. And as gifts millions of hearts and bouquets are on sale. However this day it is possible to remember also the former beloved and even … to revenge them!

The American zoo El Paso (State of Texas) offers all who dreamed to revenge the former incorrect beloved, but did not know how to make it, without breaking the law, an elegant exit. You can call by the name of the former partner of a cockroach, and then admire as this cockroach eats сурикат.

 Surikat watches in the photo camera

On a photo: сурикат. Photo: goodfreephotos.com

The service is provided absolutely free of charge. It is only necessary to enter on the page of a zoo on Facebook a name of the person to which you have not the most tender feelings. And then during broadcasting on Facebook or on the website of a zoo it is possible to observe how the small animal cracks this cockroach. Persons interested can and personally be present when feeding.

the Schedule of feeding is hung already out, and a huge number of applications at once began to arrive. So if you want to participate in an action, it is worth hurrying.

However, there are also other opportunities to revenge the former beloved – too with participation of cockroaches.

For example, the center of conservation Hemsli (Great Britain) for one and a half pounds will call a cockroach by any name. And the zoo in Bronx (New York, the USA) can give any name at your choice to the Madagascar hissing cockroach – there is this service 15 dollars.

However, neither the center of conservation, nor a zoo in Bronx will feed a cockroach to somebody. But, maybe, you will be heated by a thought that your former is called the same as a cockroach.

 the Madagascar hissing cockroaches of a photo

On a photo: the Madagascar hissing cockroaches. Photo: wikipedia.org

And the zoo of Sydney (Australia) held a competition, having granted the winner the right to call by the name of the former partner east brown snake, very poisonous.

So even if flowers and hearts not for you, St. Valentine's Day it is all the same possible to celebrate and derive pleasure – let and from a peculiar revenge.

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